Brand Ambassador program is for women who actively use Instagram and want to make extra money. In order to be eligible for this program, you need to purchase at least one product with a special 35% discount code. Here is all procedure:

  1. Purchase something with the discount code: BA   (*you can enter the discount code on the checkout page)
  2. We'll ship your products and provide a special discount code for your followers by email. 
  3. You'll get 20% of sales from your followers as a commission. 

Simple, right?

If you have any questions, this is quick QA for you:

- Why not free? Why should I pay for it?
When we send the products for free, people don't do anything after getting the product. That makes us disappointed. 
 - Why 35% discount?

We want to be sure that BA'll be responsible and share some posts about us and our products after getting the products. 35% discount helps us to cover at least shipping and product cost. That means we don't get any profit from BA purchase. 

- What are the advantages of this program?

  1. Getting the products cheaper
  2. Opportunity to make extra money
  3. Getting some products for free in the future
  4. Being part of our growing community

 If you read everything on this page, you're valuable for us and we love you. 

Morpoly team